DiViLine is a research and development company.

DiViLine’s core activity is software and mathware development for the purposes of processing, compressing and analyzing images. Thanks to the knowledge and practical experience of our engineers, we are able to create software and hardware systems for research of video data.

Our solutions are successfully employed in the following fields:

  • Measurement and analytical systems.
  • Special-purpose hardware and software.
  • Industrial data analysis and automation.
  • Forensic investigation of video data.

DiViLine’s staff is composed of high class developers who have many years of experience in creating hardware and software for digitally processing images of diverse origins.

Our staff makes effective use of the computational capabilities provided by up-to-date hardware components to create unique video data digital processing systems that can be employed for the most complicated and specialist tasks.

Our enterprise has completed numerous research and development projects. The resultant innovations have been put into practice and applied by our costomers.

DiViLine's services

Mediapotok - video file format analyzer