Forensic video analysis software and tools

Forensic software to analise and compare video files formats

Forensic software for video editing (forgery) detection

For over 10 years we have been developing of forensic software tools for analyzing video files..

Our developments are successfully applied in forensic practice.

  • Detection of video editing and intra frame forgeries.
  • Improving the informativeness of video images.
  • Search and compare of forensically significant elements of metadata.
  • Establishing the origin of video files (recorder, software, recompression).
  • Documenting video file properties and analysis results...

...Forensics, analytics, special-purpose hardware and tools.

We have many years of experience in video codec creation and parsers of video codecs and media containers.

Our software (ForensicVideo-FA) allows you to analyze the parameters of media containers and video streams.  Our video file format analyzer allows you to visualize and analyze the media container and video stream trees. ForensicVideo-FA includes special video file (video formats) comparison tools. It allows you to compare video files structures and authentificate the origin of videos.

Modules for video analysis allow you to identify signs of video editing and facilitate the search for specified parameters. ForensicVideo-ED allows simultaneous analysis of the video codec params, media container structure, video frames and it`s characteristics.