DiViLine ForensicVideo-ED software main window examples

ForensicVideo-ED - forensic software for video editing detection

- measurement
- results analysis
- conclusion creation
Forensic software for analysis of video pictures parameters and video formats.

Download ForensicVideo-ED_brief.pdf

  • Detection of video editing and intra frame forgeries.
  • Documenting video file properties and measurement results.
  • Search, retrieval and compare of forensically significant elements of metadata.
  • Establishing the origin of video files (recorder, software, recompression).
  • Establishing the identity of origin for video files.
Key Features
  • Set of modules for measuring frames (images) parameters.
  • The import file and fast navigation to any frame and linked data.
  • Simultaneous analysis of the video codec, media container, frames and characteristics.
  • Comparision tools for video file structures (origin authentication).
  • The structure of the media container and video codec, information about each video frame up to macroblock level and all other features of our format analyzer.
Some options:
  • flexible interface configuration;
  • timeline and fast navigation;
  • expert level of video visualization;
  • synchronization of frames and related data;
  • comparing of file structures...
New features for analyzing the structure of video files.
DiViLine ForensicVideo comparing tool
DiViLine ForensicVideo comparing tool


Set of measured parameters for video images.
DiViLine ForensicVideo-ED software timeline graphs example
DiViLine ForensicVideo-ED software timeline graphs example

For comfortable working with ForensicVideo-ED needed:

  • 64-bit OS MS Windows 7 and higher.
  • Video card that supports OpenGL version 3.3 (2010 year) and higher.
  • Free space on hard disk to import video files.